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OnGuardMAX™: Sistem de franare de urgenta autonom

Coliziunile de tip fata-spate sunt printre cele mai frecvente tipuri de accidente produse intre vehiculele comerciale. Pentru a preintampina astfel de evenimente nefericite, compania WABCO a dezvoltat o tehnologie revolutionara, OnGuardMAX™, un sistem unic de franare de urgenta autonom in situatii de coliziune iminenta intre vehicule oprite si altele aflate in miscare.
In acest sens, OnGuardMAX permite reducerea riscurilor de coliziune dintre vehiculele oprite si cele aflate in miscare, operand automat si autonom la nivelul franelor.



  • Helps to avoid impending rear-end collisions
  • Helps to avoid fatalities, injuries and accident-related costs
  • Releases driver from frequent acceleration and deceleration during traffic jam conditions
  • Supports driver acceptance based on increased reliability
  • Improves driver effectiveness across all levels of experience
  • Optimizes vehicle uptime with less maintenance and repair efforts
  • Unlocks additional potential sales for OEMs through leveraging mandatory hardware


  • Detects impending rear-end collision with vehicles ahead
  • Performs full braking when confronted with moving and stationary vehicles to bring the vehicle to a complete stop
  • Supports driver with ‘always on’ forward collision warning
  • Provides Adaptive Cruise Control including Stop’n’Go functionality as optional feature
  • Comes with integrated Lane Departure Warning
  • Alerts driver with distinct acoustic, visual and haptic warnings
  • Outperforms global AEBS and fulfills global LDWS legislative standards
  • Comes with high precision 77GHz electronically scanning radar and high-resolution camera
  • Allows early and reliable recognition of potential critical situations
  • Applicable to a wide range of commercial vehicle configurations