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h-comp™: Compresor de mare putere

WABCO a lansat pe piata compresorul de mare putere, h-comp, care permite cresterea capacitatii de eliberare a aerului, folosind un piston cu diametru de 100 mm. Acest produs creste eficienta costurilor si aduce multiple beneficii cumparatorilor.


  • Performs like a traditional 2-piston compressors with 476cc
  • Requires less installation space compared to traditional compressors
  • Three technologies enable significant weight savings
    1. Grey iron h-comp: 30% weight saving vs. a twin cylinder compressor at comparable performance
    2. Aluminum h-comp with liner: Additional 20% weight saving compared with the grey iron version
    3. Full Aluminum h-comp: Innovative design without liner enables further weight and cost savings


  • Extension of compressor range with 100 mm / 4,0 in piston
  • 3 designs available: grey iron, aluminum with liner and full aluminum
  • Single cylinder compressors with swept volumes up to 440 cc enabling highest air deliveries
  • High output twins with swept volumes up to 880 cc extend the air flow of m-comp™ modular compressor technology


  • Heavy, medium and light duty trucks
  • Buses
  • Off-Highway