Calculator pentru aflarea ROI sistemului IVTM™

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Integrated Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

WABCO’s return on investment (ROI) calculator shows you the value of investing in WABCO’s Integrated Tire Pressure Monitoring (IVTM).

Simply input your specific vehicle data or just load a standard profile, and the calculator determines your payback period, savings per month and total cost savings per year. It also helps you gauge the impact of under-inflation of tires.

Once the IVTM system cost is fully amortized, you will only have savings. A diagram of savings [€] or the ROI time [months] gives you a quick overview, and lets you do a fast and individual investment calculation. Please also consider implemented graphics of the relation between fuel consumption, tire wear and under-inflation.

Important indications for the use of our IVTM ROI calculator

IVTM is a retrofit system that can be assembled quickly and efficiently. The calculations you make here can easily be projected to your entire vehicle park.

Please note that the calculation cannot consider all individual influences such as road surfacing, driver behavior, landscape, loads, tire quality or other factors.

Recommended prices are approximate values. The necessary investment is directly linked to vehicle configuration. The IVTM system and assembly costs can be adapted and considered individually. For a custom-made individual offer, please contact your WABCO partner.

This ROI calculator is purely intended for guidance purposes. It will only provide projections of savings, based on individual data entry.

Whilst we have taken care to try and ensure the accuracy of the information, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions.


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